Baby Full Month Box 2


Celebrate Your Baby's First Milestone with Keong Saik Bakery's Full Month Boxes

At Keong Saik Bakery, we know how special it is to celebrate your baby's first month. Our Baby Full Month Boxes are thoughtfully curated to bring joy and good fortune to your loved ones. Each box is priced at just $18.5, inclusive of GST, and is designed to perfectly commemorate this significant milestone.

What's Inside Each Box

Each Full Month Box is filled with traditional delights and includes:

  • Cupcakes (2 pcs): Deliciously moist and beautifully decorated cupcakes to add a modern twist to your celebration.
  • Red Eggs (2 pcs): These traditional red eggs symbolize good luck and happiness, a staple in full month celebrations.
  • Tau Sar Piah (2 pcs): Enjoy two pieces of this classic Chinese pastry filled with sweet or savory mung bean paste, representing good fortune and prosperity.
  • Ang Ku Kueh (2 pcs): Our box includes two pieces of Ang Ku Kueh from only the best in Singapore – Ji Xiang Confectionery, a traditional red glutinous rice cake that signifies longevity and prosperity.

* leaves in picture not included. 

Special Offer

We are excited to offer a special discount for larger orders. Enjoy an additional 9% OFF when you purchase 20 or more boxes! The discount is automatically applied at checkout, making it easy and convenient to share the joy with all your friends and family.