Yes we are. :)

Only on weekdays - call us at 90219626! After placing your order, paynow to UEN 201707912H and indicate KSBPOS as reference. No same day reservations for weekends!

Visit our website at www.keongsaikbakery.com (Swipe up or click the link in our bio!)

a) 2 days notice required
b) All cancellations will be subject to a 5% fee
c) Whole cake flavours subject to availability
d) For bulk orders, please email us at keongsaikbakery@gmail.com

$50 minimum order for pick up orders.

$70 minimum order for delivery orders.

Please refer to our Delivery page for delivery charges.

All our whole cakes are 7" big, and it takes 8 slices to form a whole cake.

The shelf life for our bakes are:

Cakes - 3 days in the fridge, max 2 hrs outside

Cruffins, Pastries - 3 days in the fridge

Breads - Can be left outside if eaten the next day. Otherwise, 3 days in the fridge

Our cakes are best enjoyed when chilled, while cruffins, pastries and breads should be toasted at 180c for 3-4min before eating!

Yes we are!

We are now a no pork, no lard bakery.

Breads/savoury pastries that contain meat are listed in the description on our menu, while our dairy products contain animal rennet. You may double check with us if unsure :)

All our cakes contain eggs, but our focaccia, rye sourdough and multigrain loaves are egg free!