Baby Full Month Box 1


At Keong Saik Bakery, we understand the importance of celebrating your baby's first month (满月礼盒) with tradition and joy. Our specially curated Baby Full Month Boxes are designed to bring happiness and good fortune to your loved ones.

$21 per box, inclusive of GST. Minimum order of 10 boxes.

Enjoy additional 9% OFF when you purchase 20 or more boxes! (Discount is automatically applied)

Each Box includes:

  • 4" Round Butter Cake: A delectable butter cake, baked to perfection, serves as the centerpiece of our box. Its rich and buttery flavor is sure to delight both the young and old.
  • Red Eggs (2 pcs): Symbolizing good luck and happiness, these traditional red eggs are a must-have in any full month celebration.
  • Ang Ku Kueh (2 pcs): We wanted the best Ang Ku Kueh in our box along with Keong Saik Bakery Items! Our box includes two pieces of Ang Ku Kueh from Ji Xiang Confectionery, a traditional red glutinous rice cake that represents longevity and prosperity.