National Day Box

$35.90 $38.60

Part of Keong Saik Bakery's 'Celebrating Togetherness’ collection in honour of our nation's 59th birthday. 

Featured Pastries:

Otak Danish: A savoury delight with otak, egg, and mozzarella.

Chilli Crab Cheese Croissant Cube: Combining classic chilli crab sauce with cheddar cheese.

Chicken Floss Eclair: A unique twist with black pepper truffle shredded chicken mayo, topped with chicken floss and nori.

Kaya Toast Cruffin: House-cooked kaya with a dollop of kopi ganache.

Ondeh Ondeh Sor Hei: A tribute to the Majies of Keong Saik, blending house-cooked Ondeh Ondeh filling within a beautifully crafted Danish pastry.

Muah Chee Cube: Combining black sesame paste with a Muah Chee center and crushed peanut candy.

$35.90 $38.60you save $2.70